My Journey

My introduction to digital photography started a few years ago when my lovely wife bought me my first DSLR camera for Christmas. Like we all do, I used automatic mode on my camera for some time as I could not understand the camera manual. One day I picked up an adult education brochure, I thumbed through the courses and saw "Photography for beginners" I phoned up and booked myself on this course. I met with fellow students at The Cube. Folkestone. Our Tutor John Rinaldi made learning the basics so much fun, he had the knack of teaching us at a level we could all understand on both camera and computer. I completed another two courses at The Cube with John Rinaldi and had a good knowledge of both camera and John's humour.

I had the hunger to learn more about photography. In one of the photography magazines, I saw an advert from The Photography Institute. Covent Gardens. London. "Get your Diploma in Professional Photography" That got my attention. I sent off for a prospectus. I read through it and thought, why not. I paid for this course. My first assignment arrived, I read through it, I held my head in my hands. I was in too deep. I thought I'd wasted my money. My Tutor was brilliant. One by one I completed my assignments. The day I held my certificate "Diploma in Professional Photography" I had the biggest grin a human could have. I was so proud. I completed another course in Portrait Photography with the Photography Institute a few month later.

Thank you John Rinaldi for my introduction into photography, it's been a great journey.


Since I created my portfolio to show my photography to the world, I had an accident which has left me disabled and cannot use my cameras in the normal way, I have to hold my camera in my left hand, focus with the fingers on my left hand then take the shot using the index finger of my right hand, not easy.  Despite my disability, nothing stops me getting out on a sunny day with my camera.